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Effective heating that can meet specific care home requirements

• The ability to ceiling mount which removes the heating from a priority 1 position to a priority 3 creating much a much lower risk of injury as they are out of reach. Ceiling mounting options also minimise the risk of panels being damaged and additionally enables wall space to be maximised
• Slim-line, anti-ligature fittings available for use in particularly high risk areas, creating a secure fitting to prevent the panels from being pulled down
• Simple light weight fittings ensure quick and easy installation. This enables installation in areas which would usually be incredibly difficult or impossible due to regularity of use and the type of patient using these areas
• Far infrared is natural for the body and is frequently used in the wellness sector. This is a main point of consideration in buildings with those occupants who sit for long parts of the day

In addition to the above, other benefits that the care home operator was particularly interested in included:
• Zone control is available per room
• Ease of control from either a localised position or remote from one central location, enabling management of multiple sites
• Integration into existing BMS (Building Management System)
• The heating can be used as a hybrid to assist current underperforming heating systems
• Quick, simple installation in areas where there was no heating and the current system is unable to be extended
• No single point of failure. Where larger buildings are heated using one or more central boilers, the risk of failure means a large section of the building could be without heat with a consequential large rental cost incurred to provide temporary heating. With far infrared heating, each room is an independent heating zone and each panel is separately fused
• There is no convection which means there is minimal air movement with less dust and less pollutants to breathe in for asthma and allergy sufferers
• Improved thermal comfort. As every part of a room is heated to an even temperature, this removes any cold spots and creates a more comfortable temperature. In buildings where there are regular air changes, it is difficult and costly to replace this heat with convection heating. However, as a large amount of thermal mass (floor/wall/ceiling/materials) becomes heated through far infrared, as well as storing the energy it also enables these air changes to be managed more effectively
• Long product life expectancy 20 + years
• Zero maintenance of the heaters
• Energy savings

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Case Studies

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In terms of the purchasing price, an easy installation plus reduced energy costs Herschel won the contract hands down”
Tendring District Council
Mrs Smith, Tenant, who lives in the apartment used in the trial “loves our heating and she says it is very easy to control”. Another big positive for Mrs Smith was that with the old heaters gone she now has so much more space to put furniture

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The Priory Group