Garage Heating

Garage heaters are used not only for human comfort but also to maintain a warm, dry environment.

The Garage Solution

Traditional space heating solutions in Garages are expensive to install and run. They can also encourage condensation and damp.

Garages need to avoid rust and chrome pitting that comes from warm, damp atmospheres. Many cars have significant chrome and owners want to protect this from chrome pitting as it is expensive to replace or repair. This will also make a huge difference to the originality of the vehicles.

Infrared, not being convection heating, reduces moisture and dust. These are major concerns for car owners as they can damage cars. Dust covers, which are used for the protection of classic cars, are expensive to purchase.

Recommended Heaters

Herschel IRP4 (Workshops)

Herschel Advantage IR3 (Garage)

Case Studies

Mitie were instructed by the client to look at cost savings and reduction of energy consumption across the occupied estate.
One key area was a reduction in heating costs and Herschel were approached to see how Far Infrared electric heating could achieve this and provide a more efficient and effective way of heating four areas.

Mitie and the Client are now monitoring the overall energy savings and reduced consumption and ratifying these in accordance with International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP). This provides best practice techniques for verifying results of energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy projects in commercial and industrial facilities.
Herschel Far Infrared products are now being considered for a number of other projects.

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