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Office Heating

Herschel’s office heaters fit perfectly into suspended ceiling grids or can be direct mounted onto ceilings. For unusual offices such as converted buildings our zero light space heaters are the perfect solution.

Your Office Heating Solution

Our Select ceiling panel heater is specially designed to fit into ceiling grids and the panels are hardly noticeable when installed. The infrared heat radiates down into the office space providing a very comfortable heat not achievable by convection heating. Placement of the heaters also allows the ability to zone heat (for example adding more heating in colder areas).

The heaters are very easy to install and can easily be controlled via our Herschel IQ system. This is the perfect replacement for wall mounted electric convection heaters. Our panels are energy efficient, maintenance free and the most discreet heating solution available.

For larger open areas such as converted warehouses, barns and churches our Summit space heater provides powerful yet gentle heating and can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted or suspended. With a highly contemporary look it will compliment any office environment. Available with easy to use remote control or with our Herschel IQ controls.

We also offer a range of wall mounted panels.

Ceiling Grid Heaters

Select - Ceiling Grid Panel Heater

Framed, high performance white infrared heater. For ceiling grid installation. 5 year guarantee.

FROM $249.00

Panel Heaters


Space Heaters

Aspect XL 1300 / 1950

1300 & 1950 Watt wall-mounted heaters.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
5 year guarantee. IPX4.

FROM $449.00

2600 Watt Ceiling or Wall-mounted.
Zero Light. Far Infrared.
Optional Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP65.

FROM $549.00
Pulsar 1800 / 2400

White 1800 Watts; Black 2400 Watts.
Ceiling-hung heater.
12 month guarantee. IP20

FROM $1,359.00

2000 Watt Ceiling, Wall or Stand-alone.
Warm Glow. Medium Infrared.
Remote Control.
2 year guarantee. IP65.

$319.00 ex. Tax


Case Studies

Nühaus chooses Herschel for new office and showroom heating Read more
To provide comfort heating to a 72m² open plan office space. Relocating from a previously thermal heated environment, the heating solution had to provide fast heat up time, and maintain a comfort temperature range up to 25˚C. A boardroom was also required to be heated. This room would not get a lot of use and would only be occupied for occasional meetings. It was important that this room could be heated up quickly. Read more
To provide a new heating solution to replace an ineffective system Read more


“Herschel’s heated mirrors are perfect for bathrooms and shower rooms. Our meeting areas use heated blackboards which are great for our designers to sketch and record ideas on. The designer Pulsar makes a bold statement as customers enter the reception and compliments the interior design perfectly. Summit units are suspended above design workstations to heat where and when required. Ceiling mounted heater panels free up wall space and provide really comfortable heat”. Alex Pankoff, Nuhaus

“The heaters work perfectly maintaining a good office temperature even during the coldest snap in December. We are thrilled with this heating and the service received”.

“You wouldn’t believe the difference it’s made…as certainly makes it comfortable for the team to work whilst based in that area!”

Commercial Clients

Herschel Inspire used in London Liverpool Street Ticket office - Network Rail

Herschel in use with NHS Wales - Neath Port Talbot Hospital

Herschel Space heaters are installed in SG Gaming offices

Herschel Aspect XL used in Samsung Semiconductors HQ Reception

Herschel Infrared heaters in use with Johnson Matthey

Herschel replaces convector heaters in Cancer Research UK shops

Herschel Infrared panels at Microscooters

Herschel is use with Essex County Council

Herschel Infrared in use with Suffolk County Council