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Choose infrared heating for easy installation, low maintenance for property development projects

A simple, discreet heating solution for residential development projects with low maintenance and simple control

Herschel Infrared heaters provide a low energy, electric heating solution for property development projects of residential apartments.

This is the ideal solution for property development teams and landlords looking for a simple, cost effective and highly controllable electric heating solution. Herschel infrared heaters deliver on ease of installation and provide flexibility around mounting considerations with a wide range of super slim panels to choose between. Herschel Infrared heaters ensure a low maintenance, completely silent solution for landlords and residents and frees up wall space to maximise interior layouts.

Case Studies

Effective heating of popular holiday village in Aviemore Scotland. Read more


“We looked at different options including biomass, electrical and infrared heating and we then conducted a trial. After a trial, it was concluded that Herschel infrared panels looked to be the best option. We then put it to the Board of Directors for this to be authorised. Why did we pick Herschel? We seemed to be getting a lot of feedback, they came back with the best ideas and the best product. In the trial period we tried a different product and it didn’t go down well. The Herschel panels have gone down very well with the owners”.

“We used these in our student accommodation and they went really well so we introduced them to our flats which are a little bit more high-end. They give us a space-saving option….eco-wise they keep our costs down, we’ve got rid of our gas and everything is electric so it’s only one bill so we know exactly where we stand. They keep the properties really nice and warm and we’ve been really happy with them”. Visit the case study to hear the full video testimonial from the owner of Honor Properties.

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