Schools & Universities

Herschel Far Infrared provides a great choice for schools wishing to create a warm environment for school children at specific times economically.

The School Heating Solution

Schools have some shared requirements that Far Infrared offers the perfect solution for.

  • The cost of their existing heating solution is too high and its effectiveness too low;
  • Often there is a requirement for the heating to be split into different “zones” – they do not want the whole area heated uniformly (impossible to satisfy with other solutions);
  • When out of use they may need certain minimum settings to maintain the environment;
  • They want the Building warm when people enter it – requiring specific control and timing (also according to zones).

Herschel Far Infrared will provide a cost effective, consistently comfortable temperature that, when combined with heating controls, can be zoned to different areas and time requirements.

Recommended Heaters

Herschel Select Ceiling panel

Herschel Pulsar

Herschel Select White

Herschel Select XL White

Case Studies

Customer brief: to replace ineffective heating and warm reception staff desk

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Customer brief: To replace their costly heating solution with a lower cost option without losing comfort.

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“We successfully installed the Herschel Pulsar units at our site in Paddington.  They look great and are working very well keeping the reception staff comfortable. They have proved great for our staff morale, are very safe and overcome the challenges on our site around air flow and stratification.  A very elegant solution. Thanks for such a great product and the advice around the installation”.

[Comparing Select XL to existing electric convector]

On the ‘feel’ of the heat:

“It felt like a warm summer’s day, not like a heater, & was very comfortable”. “Old heaters were more stuffy, this one felt a lot better”. “I can feel the heat all over the room, & it feels like being surrounded by warm water rather than having a heater on”.

On the levels of heat / temperatures:

“Really very good, very satisfied”. “Works a lot better than the old heater & seems to hold the heat better”.

On the speed of warming up:

“Heats very quickly, literally in matter of minutes. I can turn it on go & make a cup of tea, & the room will feel warm when I get back”. “Very quickly, its hot in 5 minutes”.

On changing anything:

“No. It looks so much better & takes up much less space than the old heater”. “Not really, I prefer the new heater”.

On heat loss:

“Not a problem”. “The room seemed to stay warm for a long time”

Commercial Clients