Bekesbourne Church

Customer brief: To provide effective warmth for the church congregation whilst not detracting from the historic interior.

Comfortable warmth for church congregations


Churches have been traditionally difficult to heat due to the nature of their large open space, high ceilings and historic interiors that need to be preserved in every way.

St Peter’s Church in Bekesbourne was looking for a heating solution to warm its congregation in the large 155m2 12th Century church.  After conducting research on the various heating technologies, they identified infrared as the solution that would work for their requirements.


  • Advantage IR3s were installed, plus Herschel iQ control system, within the Tower, Nave, Chancel & Vestry;
  • installed discreetly on the wood of the roof lining ensuring minimal intrusion within the 12th century interior.


“Having researched the different forms of heating for our church we decided that Herschel Far infrared heaters were the company that we were most interested in.

On contacting Matthew Dodds, of Herschel, we found him most helpful and informative.  The online assessment of our particular requirements was most useful.  The heaters are now up and running and working just as we hoped.  All the church members seem to be very impressed.

I cannot praise Matthew Dodds and Herschel highly enough as they are very efficient with nothing being too much trouble”.  Peter Rothwell

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