Herschel Infrared Case Studies Factory heated by Infrared, Powered by Solar

Factory heated by Infrared, Powered by Solar

Low energy factory powered fully by renewable energy

Saving over 41 tonnes of CO2 emissions


Leading the way in renewable, sustainable solutions our manufacturing plant and warehouse in Germany is heated by infrared electric heating and powered by renewable energy.

The 2,200m2 three-storey factory was designed and constructed to minimise impact and lifetime running costs. The pre-cast concrete 2008 construction provides a large thermal store, with heat losses minimised by automatic door controls, low-E glazing and an external envelope of airtight insulation.


The factory is heated by 13kW of Inspire Panels per floor and generates its own clean electricity from a 78kWp Solar PV system installed as an East/West array on the roof.


The array produces approximately 73,465 kWh per year, saving over 41 tonnes of CO2 emissions.  The East/West array layout maximises generation period and avoids export of surplus clean energy around midday. The total electricity demand for the heating system is just 35,100kWh per year, less than half that generated by solar on the factory roof.

The thermostat is set to a constant 19°C, 24×7 to maintain a stable and comfortable work environment throughout the heating season. The January heating bill (the highest billed month) was just Eu 600.


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