Herschel Infrared Case Studies Heating for Kitchen Extension

Heating for Kitchen Extension

Modern, efficient infrared heating for kitchen extensions and renovations

"The Herschel ceiling mounted panels fitted the bill perfectly".


This 1939 semi-detached property renovation involved the complete refurbishment of the existing kitchen and dining room and a new extension of 2 x 3m. The owners were keen to combine the existing rooms and create a more modern lifestyle through their design of a large open-plan living area.  The owners stripped the existing rooms back to a shell and were looking at alternative heating for kitchen extensions. They were seeking to remove the existing wet radiators and replace them with a non-intrusive heating solution that would maximise the space available to them.

The total space of the new extended room is circa 45m² and includes two large double glazed sliding doors and two outside walls. Average ceiling height is 2.6m, reaching 3m in the new extended area.


Select XLS white panels have been ceiling-mounted within the area, 3 x 800W, 1 x 600W and 1 x 400W. These are controlled by two MD2 thermostats. Jo uses the SmartLife App for internet control as well as using Alexa for additional voice control.  The sleek finish of the infrared panels complements the contemporary design of the interior – cosy, space-saving and efficient heating for kitchen extensions and all refurbishment projects.


“We were looking for a modern heating solution for our kitchen renovation and the Herschel ceiling mounted panels fitted the bill perfectly. They have enabled us to maximise the space of our new extension and were the easiest part of the refit! We couldn’t be more delighted with the feeling of heat, their appearance and the controllability”.

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