Herschel Infrared Case Studies How we Heated Holiday Homes

How we Heated Holiday Homes

Effective heating of popular holiday village in Aviemore Scotland.

Herschel Infrared heaters chosen over biomass, air and ground source heatpumps

A luxury holiday homes complex in beautiful Aviemore in Scotland were looking to replace their old heating system. They wanted a solution that was going to be effective, low maintenance, long lifetime and easy to control. The Facilities Manager was tasked with finding the ideal solution and looked into all of the options including infrared, biomass, ground and air source and other electrical heating options.
Following extensive research and advice from Energy Saving Trust Scotland they chose to trial infrared. A pilot project was organised in 2017 where Herschel along with a number of other infrared heating suppliers were trialled. Following the end of the pilot Herschel was chosen exclusively for all of the 64 apartments and villas on the complex.

Joseph Doyle, Facilities Manager, quoted “We looked at different options including biomass, electrical and infrared heating and we then conducted a trial.  After a trial, it was concluded that Herschel infrared panels looked to be the best option. We then put it to the Board of Directors for this to be authorised.  Why did we pick Herschel? We seemed to be getting a lot of feedback, they came back with the best ideas and the best product. In the trial period we tried a different product and it didn’t go down well.  The Herschel panels have gone down very well with the owners”.

A total of 279 infrared panels from the German made Herschel Inspire range will be installed.
They will all be ceiling mounted to free up wall space and provide unobtrusive heating. Room by room control allows holiday makers to set their own temperature.
The results from the pilot show some energy savings but more importantly for the management of the complex is that feedback from holiday makers about the infrared system has been very positive. Holiday makers are reporting being very happy with the level of heat despite the very low temperatures that Aviemore can experience in the winters.

Scandinavian Village, in the popular ski resort of Aviemore in Scotland, was built in 1980 to Scandanavian construction standards with good levels of insulation. The properties have since been upgraded and infrared heating works particularly well for well-insulated properties in cold environments. The complex is very popular all year round with limited weeks free for any renovation. The installation of the infrared heating panels can be carried out quickly and as a result minimises any downtime on occupancy.

Energy Saving Trust Scotland provided a grant towards the project because infrared heating is classified as an energy saving heating solution and towards Scotland’s target of going carbon zero.

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Joseph Doyle explains why they chose Herschel infrared panels over alternatives to replace the old heating in this holiday home complex.

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