Herschel Infrared Case Studies Holiday Cottages France

Holiday Cottages France

Customer brief: To resolve the issues with the heating bill and the consumption cap imposed on French properties.

Cost effective heating for chiller homes


La Croix Spa is a group of 4 holiday cottages in France where electricity charges are very high. In addition, the owner suffered with electricity blackouts when all properties were let due to a cap on
capacity that all French properties are challenged with – regularly exceeded when all heaters were on. The previous heating was wall-mounted electric heaters.

• Far Infrared panel heaters were recommended at a total of 3.5 kW versus 8.5 kW used previously.
• Additional heaters were installed in cold areas where there was previously no heating.


  • Lower electricity bills
  • No more circuit breaks
  • Stone farmhouse has lost its inherent chill.


“We were amazed! The cottage is now lovely and warm-far more so than we ever achieved with our old electric heaters. I never have to worry about letting the cottages in winter now”.


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