Herschel Infrared Case Studies Home Renovation with PV

Home Renovation with PV

Customer brief: Looking for an electric heating solution for a high-end renovation project

Whole house install with PV panels


Designer, Steve Whitham, was seeking a heating solution that would work well for his new family home renovation project, transforming an existing 1950’s bungalow into a modern, contemporary and low energy home. Mains gas was not available in the village and Steve did not want to install an oil fired boiler.  Photovoltaic panels were being installed so an electric heating solution was researched.



House before Herschel Renovated house with Herschel infrared

September 2016 (existing property)                           June 2017 (renovation with Herschel infrared panels and PV)


Herschel Inspire infrared white panels have been installed throughout the property, both wall and ceiling mounting options, with a Select XL Infrared Towel Heater installed within the bathroom.  Water heating is via electric emersion, connected to the PV panels.

Herschel Inspire ceiling mounted panel in kitchenCeiling mounted Herschel InspireInspire white panel and Select XL mirrorHerschel Inspire panel for hallways

Herschel Infrared renovation project



“We were instantly impressed with the quality and appearance of the Herschel panels and have had great feedback from visitors on how good the panels look.  With the PV installation, insulated cavity, highly insulated roof and new double-glazed windows throughout, we have no doubts the system will perform really well”.

“The heating has cut in now autumn is upon us and heat feels very natural – feels great”! September 2017

Updated March 2018 “Using PV + infrared was an obvious combination for us.  We have a smart meter and its satisfying on a sunny winter day to feel the heating panels working with little or no cost registered on the smart meter.   We’re really happy with the PV + IR heating combo”.

Steve Whitham (Stephen J Whitham associates), Dorset.



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