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Hot Yoga Studio

Customer brief: a state of the art heating system that will maintain the warm, but non stuffy or uncomfortable temperature required to practice hot yoga

The latest innovation in fitness

Hot yoga has seen a rapid growth in popularity over the last few years given the many benefits recognised by the wellness and fitness sectors. The studio is generally warmed to circa 40C (dependent on the specific type of hot yoga) and traditional yoga techniques are practiced. Hot yoga is said by practitioners to bring you all the benefits of yoga with the added de-toxifying effects of the heat acting on your body (making you sweat, increasing metabolic rate; warming the muscles to stretch more).


Advantage IR3 1950W infrared heaters were installed throughout the space. Controlled by a specialist thermostat to manage the temperature levels required for hot yoga. See our “how to heat a yoga studio” for details about Herschel’s Hot Yoga heating offering.


As a successful yoga and Pilates studio we were keen to innovate and add more classes. Hot Yoga appealed to us but we were lacking knowledge about how we could turn our studio into a hot studio. We had spoken to a few people we knew and carried out some internet research but that just lead to more confusion and it was looking very expensive. We then stumbled across Herschel and gave them a call. The operations and logistics manager was very helpful and within a couple of phone calls and after completing a couple of forms we had a really clear understanding of what was needed and a rough idea of cost. From there, the heaters were delivered and we were ready to start. Herschel helped us with the number of heaters needed, the type of heater and even recommended some positional guidelines.

Our Hot Yoga classes are up and running and going from strength to strength. The heaters are efficient and we would thoroughly recommend Herschel to anyone in a similar situation.

Jo, Akasha Wellness



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