Herschel Infrared Case Studies Infrared Heating Coupled With Photovoltaic

Infrared Heating Coupled With Photovoltaic

A combination of Herschel Select XLS panels and solar power to heat an indoor living area of a property on a golf resort.

"Providing a lovely gentle heat and we are absolutely delighted with the installation"


This customer was looking for a solution to heat the living area of their home situated on the Mar Menor Golf Resort. The customer wanted their heating to be powered by renewable sources and had installed solar panels so they could have a zero-carbon, future-proof form of heating – infrared heating coupled with photovoltaic. The lounge has very high ceilings and needed an effective solution that would heat the space comfortably. They were also keen for ceiling mounting as were planning a refurbishment for the room in the near future.


Herschel Select XLS Panels were specified for the living area as they can be installed on the ceiling to create a discreet solution that keeps the walls free of radiators. Two Select XLS 1100W infrared panels were specified for the room taking into account the height of the ceilings, room dimensions and insulation levels.  This customer had solar panels installed on the roof of the property, having previously removed their gas heating with a view to going completely electric. Select XLS infrared panels combined with a renewable energy source such as solar panels enabled the customers to run a completely carbon-zero heating solution, ideal for ensuring their carbon footprint was minimised.

The customer had a refurbishment in mind for the near future so the ceiling-installed heating solution was also well placed to ensure nothing would obstruct the planned building work. The Select XLS panels provide a comfortable, discreet and stylish form of heating that when powered by photovoltaic panels or a renewable energy tariff, represent the ultimate concept in modern, efficient, zero-carbon heating.


“Just a short note to thank you for the excellent IR panels you have installed for us here on the Mar Menor Golf Resort. They are working really well, providing a lovely gentle heat and we are absolutely delighted with the installation and how unobtrusive they are fitted onto our high ceiling in the lounge. We hardly notice them and it means we were able to refurbish our lounge without the need for any wall mounted radiators which had been a massive advantage in this project. It is a very creative, efficient and elegant solution. As you know we have also taken the “plunge” and ditched our gas fired boiler and gone all-electric so it all makes perfect sense. We must also thank your guys who installed panels. They did a very efficient and professional job, particularly given the height of the ceiling. We would  have no hesitation in using Herschel again and would recommend you (and IR panels) to anyone who was considering updating or installing a new heating system.”

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