RDC Industrial Unit

Customer brief: To heat a very large area cost effectively and as efficiently as possible.

Cost effective space heating


RDC Teckhnicon House, Braintree, UK is an area of 1,136 m2 used by technicians working on computers as well as storage and single storey offices.
Only part of the unit needed heating. However, to heat only part of the area with convective heating requires the whole unit to be heated, including storage and goods out. This would mean a large waste of energy.

• Far Infrared Space Heaters were recommended
• The client initially requested the whole main unit to be covered with Heaters requiring 193 heaters. This was reduced to just 44.
• Positioned at 3m from the ground it projects a heat circle 5m in diameter. The heater is not affected by air movement so perfect where you want to create zoned heating.
• In addition to the 1,136 m2 main unit, a further 12 heaters were installed in a stripping area at 4m high and 4 heaters in a shredding area.
• Heaters were installed during fit out works and mounted at the same time as the lighting which meant only additional cable was required; reducing install costs compared to gas or oil.

 Energy costs are effectively managed by only heating the required area
 Quick & easy installation
 Both the client & staff are happy with the quiet comfortable heat.

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