Residential: Ceiling Mounted

Customer brief: To install ceiling-mounted panels as a quick and cost effective alternative to underfloor heating.

Effective comfort heating


A business partner of Herschel had seen our heating products and was so impressed with their performance that he decided to install Herschel panels into his new extension.  He had originally planned underfloor heating.


White Inspire panels were installed;

These were ceiling mounted in the kitchen and living areas.


The long, messy and costly process of digging up the floor to install underfloor heating was avoided, his original intention.

These discrete heaters keep the living areas comfortably warm whilst freeing up both floor and wall space.


Herschel Far Infrared heaters provide a heating solution for your living room that can add to the aesthetics of your room whilst keeping you comfortably warm.

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A Herschel Far Infrared heating solution enables your kitchen to be heated economically and efficiently. Our Far Infrared panels are not only the best looking solution but also amongst the lowest maintenance.

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Herschel Far Infrared heaters provide a modern and stylish heating solution for your bathroom. Our Far Infrared panels are attractive in your house, low maintenance and come in various sizes.

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