Beauty Salon

Customer brief: To provide a modern heating solution for a beauty salon.

Efficient, innovative and healthy heating.


Images Beauty Salon is based in Ipswich. The client wanted to install salon heating that was energy efficient, stylish and healthy.


The salon had a variety of panels installed throughout including:
• mirrors heaters
• picture panels.


  • Cost effective heating for business purposes
  • The variety of panels provide stylish décor as well as functional use (e.g. mirrors) for the salon
  • Healthy heating.


Herschel Far Infrared can provide you with your heating solution and other benefits too. Far Infrared heaters are used in modern saunas and in baby incubators and are perceived by many in the health industry to offer the wavelength they emit is 7-15 microns - which is equivalent to the "vital range" of heat radiated from the human body itself.

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