Herschel Infrared Case Studies Subway: Cafe premises

Subway: Cafe premises

Customer brief: To provide a cost effective heating solution for a sandwich shop franchisee to reduce operation costs.

Efficient and innovative heating

Subway is a sandwich store franchise business with a focus on healthier food choices while reducing their environment footprint. The retail and seating areas needed to be heated. Alternative heating, such as convection heating, meant heating a lot of ceiling void that would be unnecessary, inefficient and costly. Subsequent to this installation 2 further Subway stores are planned.


• Herschel IR3 heaters were installed
• Panels are mounted down focusing the infrared evenly across the retail area
• Wi-Fi enabled thermostat programmed to continually maintain the ambient temperature even with the door open.


  • Infrared heating is directed where it is needed, not heating the void; reduced running costs
  • Fully programmed so no staff time spent on heating controls; thermostats can be controlled remotely by management via phone or computer if needed
  • Quick installation into new stores or retro-fit to existing stores
  • Little or no maintenance costs
  • Even temperature keeps staff and customers comfortable with door open.


“There is no ‘management’ for me or my staff to do. The system works for itself & we do not have to do anything. Suffice to say that we have had no input into the system since it was set up & the store has been comfortably heated throughout
that time. Although Cardinal Park has a bigger floor area than Queen Street it is currently costing less in electricity despite longer operating hours and higher turnover and my monthly direct debit has recently been reduced since our original estimated electricity usage was too high”


Herschel Infrared is an ideal solution for the hospitality industry, providing flexible solutions that add style, heat up a large areas comfortably and effectively, saving valuable wall and floor space. Read more