Herschel Infrared Case Studies Wallingford Sports Trust

Wallingford Sports Trust

Customer brief: a modern, smart but robust heating solution that was effective and easily controllable in terms of performance and operational costs

'After one full season of use, the changing rooms and, particularly, the heating can be regarded as a huge step forward'.


Wallingford Sports Trust was looking for a new heating solution as part of its wider project to extend and rebuild the old changing block.  The Trust was keen to ensure the heating system was effective and easily controllable.


Ceiling mounted Herschel Select infrared panels were installed in each of the 6 changing rooms, officials changing room and First Aid and Physio room. The option to ceiling mount both freed up wall space within the areas and also put them out of reach of sports teams. The heaters are controlled by their own centrally controlled thermostat system with a thermostat in each room enabling easy, flexible control and ensuring only those areas that need heating are heated as and when required.


“The Herschel heaters were part of a long awaited project to rebuild and expand the dilapidated, 1970s changing room block with 6 independent changing rooms, each with its own toilets and showers and all to full Sport England standards. The brief was for a modern, smart but robust design that was easily controllable in terms of access and operational costs. With all the switching grouped centrally within a separate locked cupboard, the ceiling mounted, white panel Herschel heaters fit these requirements precisely, with only those rooms occupied at any given time actually being heated and then only for the time required. The all over warmth within the changing rooms has been well received, the panels themselves look good and are out of reach of potential mischief. After one full season of use, the changing rooms and, particularly, the heating can be regarded as a huge step forward”.

John Atkins

Chairman – Wallingford Sports Trust


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