Wine Bar Heating

Herschel Summit infrared heaters heating a wine bar receive fantastic feedback

"I would never go back on my choice of using their heating"


Le Vignoble (French for ‘the wineyard’) is an independent wine lounge and merchant that has 3 sites across the UK. The business owners were seeking heating for their biggest site, in Bristol, which is based in a large, open space within The Fermentation Buildings near the Bristol harbour. The buildings were previously a working brewery, from 1702 until 2000, most recently to Courage brewery, until the historic buildings were converted to hospitality, retail and office space.


The large space, circa 184m2, occupied by Le Vignoble has such high ceilings that effective heating of it has previously been both difficult and costly. Herschel Infrared Summit heaters enable a ceiling-mounted solution that ensures heat is delivered directly over tables, keeping both clients and staff cosy.

“Highly recommend these heaters. We installed a number in our restaurant space which is located in an old building with high ceilings. The heaters are very effective, and we’re really pleased with how easy they are to control, especially when we set different areas on different temperatures. Heating a large space such as ours is never going to be cheap, but I am very satisfied that these heaters are providing one of the best economical solutions. Great service from Herschel too, won’t hesitate to use again”. Yannick Loué, Le Vignoble.

The Summit heaters are available in both a black or white finish and at 2.6kW they offer a powerful, comfortable warmth for interior settings. The heaters are controlled via mains-powered Herschel thermostats.

Video Testimonial

The business proprietor was so impressed with his Summit heaters that he invited us along to the very stylish lounge bar so we could see the Summit heaters installed. Contemporary, yet discreet, they deliver beautiful, radiant warmth for all those sharing Le Vignoble’s ‘love of wine’!

Take a look at this video testimonial which shows Yannick discussing why he chose Herschel Infrared heating for his business and his thoughts on their performance.

“We set up about a year ago. We’re in a massive warehouse, in the original brewery in Bristol, which back in the day used to be Courage.  We were looking for a heating system to heat the huge space, hence why we came to infrared heating which is fantastic heating. We switch them off at night…..pop them on when we start in the morning and in less than 10 seconds, boom, the heat is there. They’re so powerful, I would never go back on my choice of using their heating”.

Our thanks go to Yannick Loué. October 2020.

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