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Herschel Pulsar heating the hospitality sector

The trusted name for heating the hospitality sector

Heating businesses by infrared, in the hospitality and leisure sector, has long been a popular choice throughout Europe. This trend has followed more recently in the UK market as businesses recognise and reap the benefits that this efficient, stylish form of radiant heating from Herschel has to offer. So why…

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outdoors terrace cafe heating

Outdoor patio heaters used by an inspiring school’s newly renovated outdoor training cafe

We are thrilled to have recently had the privilege to visit a fantastic school and learn about an inspiring project that the school’s head teacher and staff have completed, their aim being to enhance the learning and opportunities their pupils will experience whilst in their care. Herschel's outdoor patio heaters…

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Herschel’s top tips on infrared – a 5 minute guide!

We've put together a 5 minute guide to Herschel Far Infrared heaters. Everything you wanted to know about this stylish, energy efficient, sustainable electric heating solution in a neat 5 minute guide. Find out why Herschel is completely changing the way we heat ourselves.    

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Going out? Keep warm with Herschel.

Herschel Far infrared panel and space heaters add a touch of style to any pub, restaurant or hotel interior and/or exterior. Whether warming diners in the restaurant, sippers in the bar, or guests enjoying a coffee on the terrace, Herschel has the answer. Infrared heating has huge potential because of…

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Warm up with the Herschel Aspect XL

Our brand new Aspect XL is setting the benchmark in outdoor heating. Enjoy comfortable warmth outdoors with our stylish far infrared heater. The gentle feeling of the sun even after it has set

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Pulsars installed within a well-known coffee shop chain.

Fantastic to see Herschel Pulsars installed in the seating area of a well-known coffee shop chain. Stylish heaters adding warmth for customers without detracting from the contemporary setting. See our brief video here.

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“Our Herschel heater has now transformed our bar”

Keep sending us your reviews as we really appreciate the feedback on our products. Recent feedback on Herschel Advantage IR3 within a customer's bar. "Our Herschel heater has now transformed our bar into a most hospitable place at any time of year. Energy efficient, it heats up instantly for a…

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Diverse application of Herschel heating including a charity shop.

Some great installations of Herschel #infrared heaters in varied commercial applications. Advantage IR3s are currently being trialled in a charity shop and monitored for their cost effectiveness, key to the charity's objectives. Positive feedback to date on both cost efficiency, versus existing heating costs, and level of comfort. Other diverse…

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Looking for a cosy night sleep in your hotel?

We are thrilled to have our Herschel Inspire heaters installed in the first site of one of Britain's biggest hotel chains.

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