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outdoors terrace cafe heating

Outdoor patio heaters used by an inspiring school’s newly renovated outdoor training cafe

We are thrilled to have recently had the privilege to visit a fantastic school and learn about an inspiring project that the school’s head teacher and staff have completed, their aim being to enhance the learning and opportunities their pupils will experience whilst in their care. Herschel's outdoor patio heaters…

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Far infrared heating – the perfect choice for schools

Cost-effective, adaptable and consistently comfortable, Herschel Far infrared is the ideal heating solution for the school environment. The heaters can easily replace existing inefficient systems such as traditional convector heaters often found in schools.   Directly heating people and objects, including the mass of the building which then acts like…

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A new era in energy efficient heating!

Our new Select XL panel is proving very popular as businesses become increasingly aware of how inefficient it is to heat air compared to heating buildings and people directly. Herschel Select XL has just replaced electric convection radiators in a recent install for university accommodation. As well as delivering improved efficiency the ultra-slim design of…

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Infrared Innovations for Universities

There are significant benefits to universities and accommodation providers from using Herschel Far Infrared, as outlined in this recent feature within the Autumn edition of UNiFM. These include efficiencies from energy saving, cost reduction and zero maintenance as well as space saving opportunities from the streamline panel design or the option to ceiling mount.

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