Future generation of sustainable living

Herschel is very proud to have been selected as one of a group of ‘sustainable’ suppliers by Gusto Group to supply their recent Eco Housing development, The Edge.  In Lincolnshire, these exciting new solar-powered homes have been designed with the aim of keeping costs for space heating, hot water and lighting minimal (no more than…Read more

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A new era in energy efficient heating!

Our new Select XL panel is proving very popular as businesses become increasingly aware of how inefficient it is to heat air compared to heating buildings and people directly. Herschel Select XL has just replaced electric convection radiators in a recent install for university accommodation. As well as delivering improved efficiency the ultra-slim design of the Select XL is space saving…Read more

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Need help measuring up for Herschel Infrared heaters?

This short video shows how to specify your Herschel Infrared requirements for a small room in a house, using a tape measure and the calculators on the Herschel Infrared website.  Its really simple to measure up, yet important to do it properly, to ensure you specify your requirements correctly and maximise the benefits from your Herschel heating.

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How does Herschel Far Infrared work?

Herschel infrared heating is becoming more and more widespread as an energy efficient heating solution for commercial, domestic and industrial applications.  For those of you who are still considering your choices its always useful to remind yourselves exactly what infrared heating is.  Infrared heating is radiant heating, the most basic form of heating known to…Read more

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Infrared heating is Herschel.

A leading electrical wholesaler, in UK and Europe, is soon to be stocking the #Herschel range of #infrared heaters. The team here are delighted that major reputable names are choosing Herschel and we are proud to be working with such valued partners.

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