How to use

Our calculator allows you to specify your heating and controls for your whole house. It will suggest which heaters will match your requirements and give you a quote for the whole system, including control options.

You can then purchase the suggested heaters from the product tables underneath the calculator or Print the calculation and send it to us.

For larger project and commercial or outdoor space heating specifications, please contact Herschel or your nearest dealer.



Herschel iQ WH1 Central Control Unit

Herschel iQ WH1 Whole House Control. Control up to 6 zones each with up to 6 R1 receivers. For effective zone heating controlled centrally.

$197.00 ex. Tax
Herschel iQ R1 Wireless Receiver

Herschel iQ Thermostatic Receiver, an effective wireless receiver unit for Thermostatic control of Infrared heaters using Herschel’s iQ system.

$42.00 ex. Tax