Please read carefully before using the Wattage Estimator. Herschel disclaims all responsibility for the accuracy of the calculator results if a customer has not read and accepted the following.

  1. The Wattage Estimator is calibrated for ceiling heights below 11.5ft and enclosed spaces with minimal airflow.
  2. For pitched ceilings please use the average height.
  3. When Ceilings are greater than 10ft high, heaters should be wall-mounted.
  4. For irregular areas, treat as two separate areas for calculation purposes.
  5. Target Comfort Temperature assumed by the calculator is 70°F. You will require more wattage to achieve temperatures higher than this and less wattage to achieve temperatures lower than this.
  6. For Wattage results greater than 3.5kW the calculator will refer you to contact Herschel.

If you are in any doubt please contact Herschel Infrared.