The COP26 House in Glasgow by Beyond Zero Homes

Cop26 House by Beyond Zero homes heated by Herschel Infrared panels

Heating home extensions with Herschel

Heating home extensions with Herschel Select XLS white frameless infrared panels. Transform your newly refurbished home or extension with our frameless panels that come in a number of attractive finishes.

Customer Review of Herschel Infrared Heating in their Home

Our customers loved their Herschel heaters so much, they now star in our TV advert. Hear their story and full testimonial of why they chose Herschel.

How does Herschel Infrared Heating work?

How does Herschel far infrared heating technology work and why is it more energy efficient than convection heating? This video demonstrates how radiant objects, including humans, absorb and emit far infrared heat and how our sense of comfort is less to do with the air temperature and more to do with the temperature of the environment around you. On this basis Herschel Infrared heaters represent a breakthrough in heating technology by being low energy radiant heaters that warm up the environment around you and not the air. See how in the video.

A Customer Review on Infrared for Heating Holiday Homes

A video testimonial from the Facilities Manager of a beautiful holiday home complex in Aviemore. Mr Doyle details why they chose to replace their old heating solution with Herschel infrared heating.

Herschel Pulsar Warming Modern Cafe Environment

Take a look at Herschel Infrared heaters installed at a contemporary cafe within the Wales Millennium Centre.

Herschel Installation with Solar in a Low Carbon Home

Country home in the Cotswolds installed an integrated renewable energy solution of solar PV combined with Herschel infrared heaters to create an efficient, affordable, low carbon country home. The owner chose to install Herschel Inspire infrared panels that were largely ceiling mounted to blend in discreetly and provide a space saving solution. See the owner’s review where he describes the benefits of Herschel infrared.

Aspect XL in All Saints

See our Aspect XL3 heaters warming customers entering All Saints fashion store in London.

About Herschel Infrared

A video explaining the natural propeties of Far Infrared and its pleasant feeling of comfort and how this translates into an energy efficient and modern way to heat your home for less expense. Innovative heating for homes, offices, churches, commercial and industrial buildings, pubs, restaurants and many more. See more details in the video.