When combined with solar or green energy tariff Halo is 100% CO2 free, sustainable heating for heritage buildings

Minimising carbon footprint: UK manufacture, British made steel along with aerospace grade aluminium, designed to last a lifetime

Halo - Zero Light Heat

Zero Light Heat

Halo emits zero light heat, making it ideal for heating heritage buildings and for use in places of worship. With options to include dimmable LED lights plus bespoke decorative designs

The Halo heating range ideal for heating places of worship

Improved Comfort

The natural, pleasant feeling of warmth from far infrared gently warms occupiers and is particulalry beneficial for historic interiors & artifects

Halo - Recued Energy Consumption

Reduced Energy Consumption

With fast warm up and very little pre-heating required, savings can exceed 50% compared to heat pumps and convection based systems

Herschel Halo as seen in St Matthew’s Church, Bristol, United Kingdom

Halo - Heritage Spec Service

Heritage Specification Service

Herschel has a heritage team ready to help and discuss how the Halo range can work to heat your heritage building. With zero maintenance requirements, the Halo avoids high installation costs, is acceptable to conservation bodies and provides the ideal solution for moving to net zero emissions when combined with renewables and battery storage.

Controlled by the highly flexible, specialist APX control system with options for timer, thermostat and full App operation, the Halo has three power levels. With options to add low power, dimmable LED lights and customise for bespoke decorative finishes and colours.

With significant experience in heating heritage buildings and hard to heat spaces, Herschel can provide heating for churches, wedding venues, barns, hotels, listed buildings, theaters and halls.

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