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Heating self build and renovation projects

Practical, affordable heating for self-builders & renovators

Heating self build projects using InfraredHerschel Infrared is a very attractive solution for heating self build and renovation projects.  In both cases you will be looking for a solution that is pragmatic to install without the disruption of extending wet systems or underfloor heating or the expense, complexity and skills requirements of heat pumps. Self-builders and renovators who meet us at trade events are also driven by energy efficiency and a modern look.  All of them love the fact that our heaters can be put high up on walls or ceilings and not become obstacles to work around with furniture or shelves, that the heaters can be discrete white panels that blend into the background, or a showpiece family picture or mirror.

Self-builders and renovators love the fact that you can also progress room by room with an infrared heating installation – not having to wait for the last piece of plumbing before the entire system can be used and with very little intrusion apart from wiring into the structure of the building itself.

The other considerable advantage is that Infrared Heating can be installed using complimentary skills to those needed during the renovation anyway, avoiding the organisation and down time required for specialist contractors which can help to avoid significant costs.


  • White infrared panel heater for wall or ceiling mounting

    Inspire Comfort – White Frameless Infrared Panel Heater

    (20 reviews)
    10 Year Warranty
    6 Sizes
    FROM $469.00 ex. Tax
    View Range
  • Freestanding portable infrared panel heaters on feet

    Inspire – Portable Infrared Panel Heater

    (6 reviews)
    10 Year Warranty
    2 Sizes
    FROM $499.00 ex. Tax
    View Range
  • Inspire Mirror Infrared Panel Heater

    Inspire – Mirror Infrared Heater

    (13 reviews)
    10 Year Warranty
    7 Sizes
    FROM $529.00 ex. Tax
    View Range
  • Inspire Personalized Picture Infrared Panel Heater

    Inspire – Infrared Picture Panel

    (9 reviews)
    10 Year Warranty
    7 Sizes
    FROM $549.00 ex. Tax
    View Range
  • Inspire Glass Infrared Panel Heater

    Inspire – Infrared Glass Panel Heater

    (5 reviews)
    10 Year Warranty
    8 Sizes
    FROM $579.00 ex. Tax
    View Range
  • Blackboard Infrared Heating Panel

    Inspire – Infrared Blackboard Heater

    (2 reviews)
    10 Year Warranty
    3 Sizes
    FROM $1,099.00 ex. Tax
    View Range

Renewable,  CO2 free and low carbon footprint

Heating Renovation Projects with InfraredA lot of self-builds and renovations are highly environmentally conscious, taking the opportunity to improve insulation and install solar on their roof. Infrared heating is perfect in these situations, being CO2 free in operation and often requiring less energy to heat than the Solar PV is producing on the roof. Alternatively simply switch supply to a 100% renewable electricity tariff for totally carbon neutral heating.

Infrared heaters are non toxic in operation and do not have the hidden hydrocarbons in the form of coolant gases you find in heat pumps, so have a much lower carbon footprint than air and ground source heat pumps.

Herschel’s packaging and heater components are also environmentally sustainable, with our heaters being 97% recyclable at the end of their lives.

For more information and practical advice on heating renovation projects and self builds come and visit us at the NSBRC and see and feel our infrared heaters first hand.


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Instant Online Quote


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“So pleased with the final product”

Buying a house with night storage heaters called for a complete change in heating system. Herschel infrared heating panels provided an economical and environmental solution preferable to installing a gas boiler. Herschel were helpful and efficient throughout the process. We measured the rooms and they calculated what we needed, providing different options for the different model of panels.

The panels were easy to install and I am so pleased with the final product. They look elegant and unobtrusive on the ceiling; but provide instantly warming heat. Washing dries quickly, tiled floors feel warm beneath bare feet, and there are no radiators to clutter wall space. I love that I can control each panel from an app on my phone, meaning it is easy to heat up a room from the touch of a button. Best of all, when the electricity bill came, it was very reasonable.

“They keep our costs down”.

“We used these in our student accommodation and they went really well so we introduced them to our flats which are a little bit more high-end. They give us a space-saving option….eco-wise they keep our costs down, we’ve got rid of our gas and everything is electric so it’s only one bill so we know exactly where we stand. They keep the properties really nice and warm and we’ve been really happy with them”. Visit the case study to hear the full video testimonial from the owner of Honor Properties.


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