Latest News Herschel Announces Horse Heating Pack

Herschel Announces Horse Heating Pack


Horse owners, stable managers and event managers will be thrilled by an innovative new approach to equine heating, a great improvement on traditional solutions.  Brought to you by Herschel it includes tailored Far Infrared packs for stables, tack rooms, wash boxes and even indoor sand-schools and arenas. See here for more details on the packs.

Far Infrared is the biologically most significant heating waveband for human or animal skin, with none of the harsher wavelengths or red light emitted by hotter tungsten or quartz heaters. Far infrared is superior because skin comprises 80% water, which only begins to effectively absorb heat at 3 microns – Far Infrared.

See the full text of the press release equestrian-index-press

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