zoning and control

HerscheL is about Comfort, Control, Efficiency & Style


Our Herschel iQ system and controllers use the latest wireless technology to turn your new Herschel infrared heaters into a cutting edge, energy-saving heating system. No-one else offers this winning combination of our stylish and efficient heaters with such a comprehensive, flexible and cost effective control system.

WH1 Central Control Unit

Make your property smart, warm and energy efficient

With traditional systems that use convection heating (ie. central heating systems) it is not possible to efficiently zone heaters, because once air is heated, it rises and disperses uncontrollably. A central heating radiator consequently has to warm the entire volume of air in a room until its average temperature feels acceptable because you cannot control where the heated air goes.


iQ single room

Effective zoning is achieved by only heating the areas you want heated, when you want them heated. There is no central boiler or heat pump with Herschel heaters, so each panel can be controlled completely independently; energy is only used when a Herschel panel is on.

Herschel  panels can be linked together to form a zone (say 2 or more radiator panels in one room, or even a separate zone within a larger room) and each zone can be controlled by a separate Herschel thermostat linked to the heating panels within the zone. Just think how much energy and money you waste each year by heating areas that are only used infrequently or by running a central boiler to heat just 1 or 2 rooms.

Zoning and control with Herschel iQ

Control at your fingertips

Our Herschel iQ thermostats are simple to operate, can be fully programmed and wirelessly linked with your Herschel heater panels on a stand-alone basis. However, the advantage of Herschel iQ is that the units can easily and quickly form a complete system controlled from our iQ Central Control Unit. This gives you complete control and convenient operating of your heating system from one screen, one touch of a button.

This control is ideal for returning from holidays or weekends away (you never have to return to a cold home again) or pre-heating your holiday home.

Combine with your existing wet system

Herschel iQ can also be combined with traditional heating with boiler controls and wireless TRV’s – allowing for partial integration of Herschel Infrared and the operation of existing “wet” systems. This is ideal if Herschel heaters are being used as supplementary heating or only for certain areas within your property.

Herschel iQ – for every heating application

Herschel iQ can have up to 36 zones so can be used in commercial applications such as offices, guest houses and hotels, care homes and multi-let properties. The system is also appropriate for use in schools, restaurants and pubs, public buildings, warehouses and industrial applications.  

Enjoy maximum flexibility to control properties as required:

  • a whole building
  • zone by zone
  • heater by heater

Installing Herschel iQ is simple and easy utilising RF technology for wireless communication to the thermostats, keeping hard wiring and installation to a minimum.

Controlled heating in the Herschel House

The Future of Heating – today

Herschel is without doubt the future of heating. Energy efficient, highly controllable, stylish and discrete, comfortable and sustainable heating when you want it, where you want it. Easy to install, no maintenance and easy to control.