Infrared Conservatory & Orangery Heaters

How to heat a conservatory or garden room

Infrared Conservatory & Garden Room HeatersHeating a conservatory with Herschel infrared is simple and cost effective. We have a number of infrared conservatory heaters that will allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Where heating is only required for occasional use we recommend our Summit or our Aspect XL heaters which have a fast warm up time. If your conservatory is in constant use and has good energy efficient glazing and building specifications, our slimline Inspire panel is ideal.

Herschel heaters are also the best way to heat a garden room, providing a gentle warmth without becoming too hot, great for using your “man cave” all year round or providing background heat to prevent deterioration of contents.

Infrared heaters are unobtrusive and will provide a permanent heating solution which will heat the furniture and floor or the conservatory without wasting energy heating the air. Other benefits of Infrared include a reduction in condensation and mould.


  • 10 yr Warranty
    9 Sizes

    FROM $399.00

    Key Features:

    • Made to order in Germany
    • Luxury finish infrared heater
    • Highest quality German components
    • White finish
    • Wall or ceiling mount
    • Use with Herschel IQ controls
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  • 5 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    FROM $449.00

    Key Features:

    • Zero light designer heater
    • High power black ceramic elements
    • Black powder-coated aluminium
    • Manufactured in Europe
    • Indoor or covered outdoor use
    • Wall mount only
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    FROM $549.00

    Key Features:

    • Zero light infrared heater
    • 2.6kW powerful Herschel Kanthal elements
    • With or without remote control
    • Remote model has 2 power settings & timer
    • Wall or ceiling mount
    • Indoor or sheltered outdoor use
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Comfortable conservatories and garden rooms for the colder months

Infrared Conservatory & Garden Room HeatersFor conservatories and garden rooms that are used occasionally, our Summit or Aspect XL heaters are very cost effective as you will only be heating the conservatory when you want to use it. Summit is available with a remote control, timer and variable power settings or also comes in a non-remote version for use with a thermostat. Aspect XL is a more compact heater designed for wall mounting only and will need a thermostat, such as our Herschel MD1.

For heating of well insulated garden rooms, we also offer our panel ranges. For conservatories that are in constant use our slimline Inspire panels offer two sizes specially designed to fit on a dwarf wall or pillar (the 820W and 1250W white infrared panels). If choosing Inspire simply add our T1 control pack allowing you complete control over temperatures and heating schedules.

For cold conservatories, try the California and Colorado which come with remote controls and variable power settings.

All Herschel Infrared conservatory heaters are easy to install and maintenance free.


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“Rather than heat the entire space, much of which is storage or rarely in use for any length of time, we use three heaters to maintain comfort in the main work areas in the studio. The heaters were fast and simple to install, and cost significantly less than a boiler based system. Running costs are predictable and the heat is very natural and comfortable. Because the space heaters focus heat in a defined area, I can heat the area where I’m working rather than the whole space which reduces running costs. I’m also able to keep working when the cold would have slowed me down in the past”. Andrea Spencer, @aspencerglass 

We are extremely pleased with the purchase of a  far infrared Herschel heater for our new orangery.  Since it was positioned, we have had snow outside but have been really cozy indoors despite having a glass roof, bifold glass wall, glass door and 5 windows as well as a tiled floor.  There has been absolutely no condensation, the heat is instant and it’s positioning is discreet and safe for the grandchildren.

All of our visitors have been really impressed and they can’t work out where the heat is coming from. Standing near it is definitely on par with leaning against the kitchen range. Love it.

I’d also like to thank you for your excellent customer care and advice and the swift and reliable delivery. Fitting the unit was very straightforward for our electrician, who had never seen one before.  All in all the whole package was excellent.

Our electrician actually fitted the unit today. He was well impressed and my husband is absolutely delighted with both the unit and the heat.

“The heaters are stylish, easy to use and fit in perfectly with our period property. Guests just can’t believe our mirrors are our heating!“

The design started with sliding doors, lino and a convection heater. As the scheme came together, however, the beautiful bi-fold doors begged for a more interesting floor covering so ceramic tiles were chosen. While these can be cool in the summer, the design needs the right sort of heating to be beautifully warm in the winter. The ceiling mounted Herschel heater had the benefits of radiant heat, from above, without the expense and disruption of under floor heating.
Tim Sharples, Partner, Cedar Nursery


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