Infrared heating for hospitals

The ideal heating solution for hospitals

Infrared Heaters for hospitals
Herschel infrared heating for hospitals is the perfect solution for hospital environments given the radiant properties of infrared. This ensures airflow is minimised and subsequently reduces the movement of dust and airborne properties. The Far Infrared waveband is frequently referred to as the “Vital” range because of its vital warming properties for comfort and can be seen in wide application within baby incubators as well as in the growing wellness industry.

Highly controllable, Herschel’s zero light panel heaters can be ceiling-mounted or suspended over hospital beds enabling localised temperature control, as required, without the need for a costly central system. Available in a range of power outputs and sizes plus a choice in mounting options, infrared heaters are also the ideal choice for emergency heating of temporary hospital environments such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to the heating of hospital wards, infrared heaters can also be used to effectively heat large open spaces such as waiting rooms and hallways. Our Colorado space heaters were installed within the waiting rooms in this UK Hospital which has very high atria and airflow. With a warm glow, these heaters offer a fast warm up option for waiting visitors and are controlled by a handy remote. There is also the option to control these via a central building management system or alternative thermostats from Herschel’s range.

Infrared panels can be wall mounted or ceiling mounted. For those environments that require the risk of injury to patients to be reduced, ceiling mounting removes the heating from Priority 1 to Priority 3. They can also be mounted with anti-ligature fittings where required.

The Herschel Ceiling tile is ideal for hallways with a ceiling grid and provides a no hassle, space-saving solution.


Hospital Heaters

Infrared Heaters for hospital wardsOur infrared heating range provides efficient, simple to install and control heating for hospitals. Thermostatically controlled to maintain optimal comfort levels, infrared heaters are perfect for ensuring a non-stuffy, even temperature environment. We have a heating solution for all requirements whether it be a full replacement system, top-up supplementary heating or a temporary solution.

Case Studies

Tendring District Council: 14 month trial


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“Thank you for the heaters, they are simply fab”!

In terms of the purchasing price, an easy installation plus reduced energy costs Herschel won the contract hands down”
Tendring District Council
Mrs Smith, Tenant, who lives in the apartment used in the trial “loves our heating and she says it is very easy to control”. Another big positive for Mrs Smith was that with the old heaters gone she now has so much more space to put furniture


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