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Make your property smart, warm and energy efficient

Flexible control with Herschel heaters ensures you manage optimum comfort levels and maximise energy efficiency. Our Herschel iQ controllers and Lightwave system provide various flexible solutions, using the latest wireless technology to turn your new Herschel infrared heaters into a cutting edge, smart, energy-saving heating system. No-one else offers this winning combination of our stylish and efficient heaters with such a comprehensive and cost effective control system.

For room by room control, and brand new for 2017, our new control system is the first to be specially designed for infrared heating. Our Herschel iQ thermostat (T1) is easy to operate and features full 7 day programming with 3 modes for maximum control. The T1 is battery operated and can easily be wall mounted or freestanding. The T1 wirelessly links to the specially developed R1 receiver. The receiver is then wired to your Herschel heater allowing it to be controlled.  The R1 is the smallest, and most discreet, receiver available.

The R1 can be surface mounted or recessed, features an internal temperature sensor, a one-hour boost function and the latest open window technology.  For large rooms, multiple receivers can pair with the T1 thermostat.

Want to control with an App? We recommend and sell Lightwave’s app-enabled control solution enabling you to control your heating from wherever you are.

Alternatively, Herschel will work with a wide range of other controls including room thermostats, wireless thermostats through to comprehensive Building Management Systems.

Control Systems - Herschel iQ – Intelligent control for your home

Herschel iQ - Intelligent control for your home

Herschel iQ is a brand new control solution for 2017. The first control system to be explicitly developed for infrared heaters, it has been specially designed by Herschel, to provide a simple to use, discreet control system offering flexible room by room control of your Herschel heaters.

Control Systems - Commercial Timers & Switches

Commercial Timers & Switches

Commercial systems often require timers and push-button (on/off) controls as well as thermostats. Those we know work well with commercial infrared installations are below.