Commercial Space Heating

All our commercial space heaters use far infrared technology with zero light, silent operation, long lifetime and maintenance free (no replacement bulbs or moving parts). A great alternative to gas based and convection based space heating for large commercial areas delivering energy efficiency and optimum comfort.

Compared to quartz and halogen shortwave infrared heaters our space heating range provides a less intense heat which is naturally and efficiently absorbed by people and a far more pleasant heat.

For offices we have specially zoneable ceiling grid panel heaters.

Savings can be achieved through radiant heating because it is possible to precisely heat only those areas that require heating, where and when people are working or relaxing. The ability to create heated zones can result in significant savings; convection heating needs to heat the entire space as air cannot be contained within a required zone.

Within the heated zone you will feel the heat. For an area around double the heated zone, the far infrared will be absorbed by the building. If there are sufficient heaters in the area to build up THERMAL MASS, then the area will stay warm after the heaters are switched off, with the heaters subsequently just topping up to maintain the mean temperature, controlled by the thermostat.

Zoned Vs non-directional heating

View Factor from IRP4

Heat is Zoned (directional) if used individually and in a targeted manner as shown. Within the zone people and objects will be heated (not the air.)

Heat can also be non-directional based on the cubic volume of the space using multiple heaters and a thermostat.

Which heaters for which space?

Our indoor space heating range for commercial & industrial application including hotels, cafés and restaurants, offices, schools, warehouses, churches and garages.

Our Pulsar and Aspect ranges are the most stylish infrared heaters on the market, perfect for public spaces where aesthetics are important such as restaurants, churches or public halls.
Our Advantage range is designed for large industrial and commercial spaces such as warehouses, depots and garages where effective zoned heating is required.