Warehouse & Industrial Heaters

Warehouse & Industrial Heaters

Our popular Industrial space heaters use far infrared technology. Far Infrared is a great alternative in industrial units, warehouses and garages to gas and convection space heating because:

It is easier to install and maintain
It emits a more gentle heat than quartz and halogen – and is therefore more comfortable for situations where there is less airflow / higher activity levels / heavier clothing requirements
It emits no light
It is silent in operation
No movement of hot air (great for dust-free requirements and a lot more comfortable).

Savings can be achieved through radiant heating because it is possible to precisely heat only the areas that require heating, where and when people are working or relaxing. The ability to create heated zones can result in significant savings as convection heating needs to heat the entire volume of air in a unit – not just the zone you want.

Zoned Heating

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Heat is Zoned (directional) if used individually and in a targeted manner as shown. Within the zone people and objects will be heated (not the air.)

Heat can also be non-directional based on the cubic volume of the space using multiple heaters and a thermostat.


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