Power 3.2 – 6.4kW Workshop Heater
FROM $979.00 ex. Tax
(5 reviews)
Power 4 Industrial Heater
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Power 3.2 – 6.4kW Workshop Heater

FROM $979.00 ex. Tax
(5 reviews)

Key Features:

  • High power, long life ceramic elements
  • Zero light industrial heater for large spaces
  • Manufactured in UK, 2 color finishes
  • Suspended ceiling mounting
  • 2 power levels (when used with APX)

Made in Britain



The Power range is made to order in the UK. Please contact Herschel for lead time.



3200 Silver

29 x 15in

129 - 226




3200 Black

29 x 15in

129 - 226




4800 Silver

43 x 15in

248 - 484




4800 Black

43 x 15in

248 - 484




6400 Silver

57 x 15in

334 - 667




6400 Black

57 x 15in

334 - 667



Special Order

5 year warranty

Reduce heating Cost

Energy efficient

Professional Install

Low Maintenance

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  • Description


    The Herschel Power industrial range provides a zero light infrared heating solution designed to heat large spaces such as warehouses, factories, sports halls, workshops and other commercial spaces. Designed and manufactured by Herschel in the UK and constructed from aluminium, the Power industrial workshop heater can be used to heat entire buildings or zones within large spaces. An ideal replacement to gas powered heating systems, the Power range is CO2 free when powered by renewable energy and can play a key part in delivering corporate net zero targets.

    When used in zones within large spaces and properly controlled, significant energy savings can be achieved from the Power industrial workshop heater compared to traditional convection based space heating system as the heater can be used to directly warm people within an open area, for example packing bays, workstations. Alternatively the heaters can be used to heat an entire room within an enclosed space.

    The Power range consists of 3 sizes, 3.2kW, 4.8kW and 6.4kW and is available in a choice of two color finishes, silver and powder-coated black. The heaters are wired in 2 circuits allowing 2 power levels of 50% and 100% power levels when used with Herschel APX controllers. Heaters work on single phase 220-240v supply or can be used on 3 phase supply.

    Our advanced APX control options include motion sensors, thermostat controls, timer switches and BMS integration.

    For simple operation of single heaters we offer a 2 power level switch for manual operation providing ON/OFF, 50% and 100% power.

    Power range has no moving parts, is maintenance free and totally silent. The Power range utilises Herschel’s long life ceramic emitters which produce a zero light far infrared heat which radiates downwards and can form a zone of gentle heat. The emitters have a typical lifespan of 7.000-10,000 hours and can be easily be replaced in situ by a competent electrician. The Power industrial workshop heater is close to 100% recyclable at end of life and is supplied in recyclable packaging.

    Power range is designed to be suspended from ceilings (note the suspension kit is not supplied).

    Heat intensity and area heated will vary by mounting height.
    Please refer to Herschel or your dealer for details and for assistance with the choosing a control solution to meet your requirements.

    Note: Emitters can give off a slight orange glow at higher voltages.

  • Technical

    Technical Specifications

    Heater Type: Fixed electric high temperature infrared heater

    Surface: Aluminium body with protective grill

    Colour: Silver or Black

    Cable Length: No cable

    Plug: No Plug

    Voltage: 240V 60 Hz

    Protection Class: IP20

    Installation: Ceiling-mounted only

    Heating Element: 4 - 8 x Herschel Kanthal AF glazed ceramic emitters

    Reflector: Aluminium

    Warm-up Time: <10 Minutes

    Useful Wavelength: 3 - 10µm

    Heated Zones are specified in the individual product specifications above. Herschel Power heaters will directly heat people and objects in the heated zone (note: air movement may reduce area coverage). If high levels of comfort are required, the radiators will need to be positioned so that they overlap zones to eliminate cold spots between zones. Air movement such as that from shuttered doors, high ceiling heights or large volumes of cold air adjacent to the heated zone will reduce the area covered/temperatures that can be achieved. In enclosed areas, the thermal mass of the building will be heated, which will increase ambient temperatures within the heated zones. The extent to which ambient temperatures can be increased and the running time required of the heaters to achieve this will depend on the construction of the property, age, insulation levels and cubic volume, external temperature and local climatic conditions. For larger commercial projects or where different mounting heights are required, we always recommend that Herschel carry out an office survey or assessment.

    Quality & Safety


    EU/ UK Electrical Safety: For Commercial Use Only

    Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS): IEC62321

    Ecodesign Compliance: ErP Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 and Supplement (EU) 2016/2282 (Lot 20) when using Herschel Controls

    Warranty: 5 Years

    Note: This unit is not suitable for household or similar use. Warranty excludes Ceramic Elements 12 months.

  • Manuals and Guides
  • Controls / Accessories

    Control Options (Required)

    • MD2 Mains Powered WiFi Smart Thermostat

      Herschel iQ MD2 Wired Thermostat


    Optional Accessories

    • Soft start 6kW controller

      6kW Soft Start Controller

  • Reviews (5)

    5 reviews for Power 3.2 – 6.4kW Workshop Heater

    1. Jake

      This is a fantastic heater for our pub and has no problem heating the area. It meets the design we were looking for incredibly well.

    2. Office Manager, Rotorua NZ

      We are delighted with the way that the look of the heaters fits in with the polished floors and open industrial image we wanted to create.

      The heaters provide a lovely cosy warmth without any draught which you can get with air conditioning and the use of the heaters, with the thermostats and timers, means we are driving the best efficiencies from them.

    3. SG Gaming

      You wouldn’t believe the difference it’s made…as certainly makes it comfortable for the team to work whilst based in that area!

      SG Gaming (following installation of P4s and IR3s in the workspace area of warehouse)

    4. Commercial Client (name withheld)

      Although [Site1] has a bigger floor area than [Site2] it is currently costing less in electricity despite longer operating hours and higher turnover and my monthly direct debit has recently been reduced since our original estimate. Part of this saving will be due to the lower heating costs.
      Mainly I am pleased to report that ambient temperature has never been a concern at any point since the thermostats were programmed. There is really no ‘management’ for me or my staff to do. The system works for itself and we do not have to do anything. Suffice to say that we have had no input into the system since it was set up and the store has been comfortably heated throughout that time.


      We are renovating a 16th Century building to be used as an extended Box-Office in South Street St Andrews. Due to the lack of space or existing heating we were looking for a space saving & energy efficient solution. After a long and fruitless search all other solutions appeared to be either too large or inefficient. When we saw Herschel on line we knew we had found the solution. Your advice was timely and efficient and you were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. The units arrived well within time and were stunning. The online pictures are good but the real thing is so much better. Staff and Clients talk about these units and seem surprised that they are heaters as the elegance and size is deceptive. Recommending these units is a given for the theatre, they make up-holding the 5 Star status that bit easier as well as holding to budgets a breeze.

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