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Office ceiling heaters Herschel Select White Herschel Select Herschel Select Rear of Herschel Select White showing EasyFix mount Select ceiling grid warming a retail counter area

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Select – Ceiling Grid Panel Heater

What size panel do I need?

use our
Watts Panel size cm Heated area
350 60 x 60 6 - 8 m2
700 60 x 120 13 - 15 m2

FROM $249.00

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DIY Friendly
Reduce heating Cost
Highly energy efficient
5 yr Warranty
Zero maintenance


The Herschel Select ceiling heater panels provide complete or supplemental heating in commercial, residential and institutional buildings. These heaters fit discreetly into the ceiling grid of offices and other commercial and public buildings, classrooms etc. and are therefore particularly suitable to consider during refurbishment or remodelling work.

The 350 Watt heater fits 60 x 60 ceiling tiles.

Available in 230 volts only.

Clean, gentle, comfortable heat that is ideal for providing focused heat and not heating up unused areas. This saves substantial energy over other systems by heating people and objects rather than all the air in a room or building.

Ceiling panels allow full usage of wall and floor space. No noise. No moving parts. No maintenance. No dried out air. A simple system, easy to install, easy to control room by room without wasting energy needlessly heating unoccupied spaces.

Herschel Far Infrared panels offer owners an unprecedented level of control over their property’s temperature and energy use. Installations using our infrared panels – optimally zoned and controlled – can save between 30 – 60 percent of the energy consumption of traditional solutions including oil, LPG and other electrical solutions.

All units combine high energy efficiency with an improved level of heating comfort when compared with other heating systems.

The Herschel Select ceiling heater is available only in a white aluminium finish with a white aluminium frame.

Our range of White panels is designed to complement any environment and is suitable both for domestic and commercial heating installations.

Click here to download the Data Sheet.

Click here to download the Installation Manual.

The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M.  If room heights are greater or there are other building factors to consider then please contact us for a more exact quote using the Customer Service form or contact your dealer directly so that a more detailed assessment can be carried out.

Technical Details

Heating Element: Herschel COSIX© Cell Technology
Front: White Aluminium
Rear: Steel sheet with Herschel Easy-Fix mounting system
Cable: 2.5m power cable
Frame: White Aluminium
Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Protection: IP44.

Quality & Safety

CE Certification

RoHS and REACH compliant
60 month warranty.


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1 review for Select – Ceiling Grid Panel Heater

  1. Ben Gibson & Julia Easter

    We have found the white heaters to be extremely useful in our office which has actually been a cost saving for us. The heaters work perfectly maintaining a good office temperature even during the coldest snap during December. We are pleased to say we are thrilled with this heating and the service we have received.

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