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Select – White Infrared Panel Heater

What size panel do I need?

use our
Watts Panel size cm Heated area
350 60 x 60 6 - 8 m2
540 60 x 90 9 - 12 m2
700 60 x 120 13 - 15 m2

FROM $249.00


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DIY Friendly
Reduce heating Cost
Highly energy efficient
5 yr Warranty
Zero maintenance


The Select White Panel is our most popular heater within the Herschel Select range and is available in three different sizes. The unit can be wall or ceiling-mounted (making it ideal for passageways and office ceilings). The Select heating element uses the Herschel COSIX© Cell Technology and the panel is simple to install, with Herschel’s new unique easy-fix mounting system. At unbeatable prices, the Herschel Select are the world’s best value infrared panels.

Available Wattage is 350, 540 and 700 Watt units.

Available in 230 volts only.

Herschel Far Infrared panels offer owners an unprecedented level of control over their property’s temperature and energy use. Installations using our infrared panels – optimally zoned and controlled – can save between 30 – 60 percent of the energy consumption of traditional solutions including oil, LPG and other electrical solutions.

All units combine high energy efficiency with an improved level of heating comfort when compared with other heating systems.

The Herschel Select White is available in a white aluminium finish with a white powder coated aluminium frame.

Our range of White panels is designed to complement any environment and is suitable both for domestic and commercial heating installations.

Click here to download the Data Sheet.

Click here to download the Installation Instructions.

View Easy-Fix installation video.

The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M.  If room heights are greater or there are other building factors to consider then please contact us for a more exact quote using the Customer Service form or contact your dealer directly so that a more detailed assessment can be carried out.

Technical Details

Heating Element: Herschel COSIX© Cell Technology
Surface: White Aluminium
Rear: Steel sheet with Herschel Easy-Fix mounting system
Cable: 2.5m power cable
Frame: White Aluminium
Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Protection: IP44.

Quality & Safety

CE Certification

RoHS and REACH compliant
60 month warranty.


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12 reviews for Select – White Infrared Panel Heater

  1. James Cook

    I am very happy with them, they are great and really warm.

  2. Stuart & Louise

    ‘We installed Herschel heaters in our new extension and couldn’t be happier with the results. The whole area is well heated and comfortable, whereas other parts of the house, with normal radiators, tend to be stuffy and uncomfortable.’ Stuart & Louise

  3. John, Bristol

    We were delighted how our Herschel panels brought real warmth to our previously cold and unwelcoming rear extension. As part of a wider refurbishment, including new bi folds, the panels are a fabulous solution, that free up wall space and create a lovely ambient warmth.

  4. John Atkins

    The Herschel heaters were part of a long awaited project to rebuild and expand the dilapidated, 1970s changing room block with 6 independent changing rooms, each with its own toilets and showers and all to full Sport England standards. The brief was for a modern, smart but robust design that was easily controllable in terms of access and operational costs. With all the switching grouped centrally within a separate locked cupboard, the ceiling mounted, white panelled Herschel heaters fit these requirements precisely, with only those rooms occupied at any given time actually being heated and then only for the time required. The all over warmth within the changing rooms has been well received, the panels themselves look good and are out of reach of potential mischief. After one full season of use, the changing rooms and, particularly, the heating can be regarded as a huge step forward.
    John Atkins
    Chairman – Wallingford Sports Trust

  5. Mr Shannon

    We are happy with the result: our holiday home is snug, dry and warm: for the first time. The panels are discreet; the heat is pleasant (especially the mirror panels in the bath and shower rooms). Mr Shannon, a whole house installation on Achill Island.

  6. Matthew Turner

    I did an initial power on test and both warmed up just as expected.
    This morning, with the temperature in my living/dining room hovering around 14C, I plugged both of the panels in and let them run for 1 hour. The result; the Living/Dining room was at 20C in less than 60 minutes and quite pleasantly warm and comfortable.
    I will be installing the thermostats and switches in the next couple of days and am excited to see the results.

  7. Mr Volker

    Hierbij bericht ik u over mijn bevindingen van de door mij aangeschafte far infrarood plaat.
    Het gebruik als een soort mini infrarood sauna bevalt uitstekend. Het geeft een aangename opwarming van het lichaam en de bloedcirculatie, die weliswaar minder sterk is dan in een infrarood sauna bereikt wordt, maar voor mij persoonlijk toch voldoende is, en zeer praktisch in het gebruik.
    Ook voor verwarming van een kleine kamer heb ik de plaat gebruikt. Hij voldoet prima. Ook hier is sprake van een aangename warmte. Ik heb vroeger een zogenaamde speksteenkachel gehad, welke met hout wordt gestookt. Hier lijkt de warmte van de far infrarood plaat heel sterk op.
    Nogmaals mijn dank voor het snelle regelen van de levering.

  8. Philomena

    I am so impressed by your company and would have no hesitation in recommending your service. Philomena

  9. Mrs Morton

    I am already very happy with the warmth in my kitchen and bathroom. It’s great to come in to a warm home! (Purchased Inspire White, Inspire Mirror and Select panels).

  10. Dan

    The panel was received this morning thanks and is currently keeping a few colleagues and I in the office nice and warm! Dan Adamsbaum, Solarlec PV

  11. Katherine Sheers (verified owner)

    We installed your panels in our previous flat; a very different space to our current house. It had double height ceilings and a wall of windows. They managed to heat that beautifully so we were confident they could handle a drafty open-plan barn. Which they have, wonderfully! Our home has been transformed into somewhere reliably warm and comfortable. We can’t thank you and your team enough for all you did to get the panels to us before the birth of our daughter. You really went above and beyond.

  12. Ben Gibson & Julia Easter (verified owner)

    We have found the white heaters to be extremely useful in our office which has actually been a cost saving for us. The heaters work perfectly maintaining a good office temperature even during the coldest snap during December. We are pleased to say we are thrilled with this heating and the service we have received.

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