Herschel Select XL - The best-performing, highest quality frameless panel on the market.
360 Herschel Select XL - The best-performing, highest quality frameless panel on the market. Herschel Select XL White Herschel Select XL White Rear of Select XL panel showing EasyFix mount Herschel Select XL White showing Easy Fix mount Select-XL Select XL 1000W large-Select-in-penthouse Select XL ceiling mounted

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Select XL – White Infrared Panel Heater

What size panel do I need?

use our
Watts Panel size cm Heated area
250 30 x 90 4 - 6 m2
300 60 x 60 5 - 7 m2
600 65 x 100 11 - 13 m2
850 (ceiling mount only) 85 x 120 14 - 21 m2
1000 (wall mount only) 85 x 120 15 - 21m2

FROM $349.00

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DIY Friendly
Reduce heating Cost
Highly energy efficient
5 yr Warranty
Zero maintenance


The Select XL White Panel heater is the best-performing, high quality frameless panel on the market. With a newly developed highly efficient heating element, Herschel’s new unique easy-fix mounting system, high quality finish and affordable comfort, the Select XL offers a fantastic combination of performance, quality and price. Available in 4 different sizes, ideal for wall or ceiling-mounting, the Select XL is suitable for residential use and offices as well as student accommodation, schools and hotels.

Available Wattage is 250, 300, 600, 850 and 1000 Watt units. Note: 850W is ceiling only, 1000W is wall only.  (Ceiling-mounted options vary slightly, see full details in datasheet).

Available in 230 volts only.

Herschel Far Infrared panels offer owners an unprecedented level of control over their property’s temperature and energy use. Installations using our infrared panels – optimally zoned and controlled – can save between 30 – 60 percent of the energy consumption of traditional solutions including oil, LPG and other electrical solutions.

All units combine high energy efficiency with an improved level of heating comfort when compared with other heating systems.

The Herschel Select XL White is a discreet, ultra slim panel which has an aluminium front emitting surface and aluminium rear surface with an insulating layer to prevent rearwards loss of heat. No other panel is as simple to install and as secure once mounted.

Click here to download the Data Sheet.

Click here to download the Installation Manual.

View Easy-Fix installation video.

The heated areas are a guide only and assume a medium to well insulated space with an average floor to ceiling height of 2.40M.  If room heights are greater or there are other building factors to consider then please contact us for a more exact quote using the Customer Service form or contact your dealer directly so that a more detailed assessment can be carried out.

Technical Details

Heating Element: Herschel COSIX© Element
Surface: Frameless, Aluminium powder-coated white
Rear: Aluminium sheet with Herschel Easy-Fix mounting system
Cable: 2.5m power cable
Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz
Protection: IP44.

Note: 850W is ceiling only, 1000W is wall only.

Quality & Safety

IP 44

RoHS and REACH compliant
60 month warranty.

Select XL certifications


5 reviews for Select XL – White Infrared Panel Heater

  1. Drew Todd

    I started to plan my home refurbishment in the Summer of 2016. My priorities were comfort and sustainability. The project involved insulating an old, solid stone house, upgrading the glazing, electrics and heating, plus an extension. I visited Andy and was able to see infrared heating panels and solar working together, so decided to go for both.
    Although it’s early days, the heating seems very economical to run. The solar contributes to running cost savings and we also use the spare solar electricity to heat water so my home is future-proofed. The whole house is zoned and controlled with Herschel iQ thermostats so I have the heat I like when and where needed. The house is extremely comfortable, and because of the insulation and infrared panels, we operate the system at only 16-18degC air temperature, but still feel warm.
    We experienced a range of challenges during the project, but the infrared was the simplest system to integrate with the programme, and the support from the Herschel team was exemplary at all times. The Select XL mirror units, and ceiling mounted panels look great and free up lots of wall space, which really helps in some of the rooms. I also like the zero maintenance of infrared, it’s both hi-tech yet very simple to live with. I’d urge anyone undertaking a new-build or refurbishment project to get in touch with Herschel and go for infrared!

  2. Nicola Nemec

    We installed Select XL ceiling mounted heaters in our extension, rather than extend the existing central heating system. This is our third winter with the system and we haven’t looked back. The cost of the system and installation was the lowest of the options we reviewed, and running costs are competitive and affordable. Because the heaters are ceiling mounted, we have more wall space for furniture. We also prefer the gentle warmth of infrared, rather than the CHS which costs more to run, and is generally too warm or not warm enough! Nicola, Co. Antrim

  3. Trisha Goodchild

    We installed an Herschel panel heater 4 weeks ago in a new conservatory and would totally recommend infrared heating in general and Herschel in particular. It arrived swiftly and efficiently and creates a comfortable welcoming ambience. The control system works extremely well. The heater is proving pleasingly economical and looks great- it has been much admired by visitors. Having an ageing boiler, we are considering eventually installing them throughout the house. Many thanks Herschel.
    Trisha Goodchild. Oakham, Rutland

  4. Leading student accommodation provider

    Occupier feedback from a leading student accommodation provider (on Select XL versus existing electric convector) May 2016

    On the levels of heat/temperatures:
    “Really very good, very satisfied”. “Works a lot better than the old heater & seems to hold the heat better”.

    On the speed of warming up:
    “Heats very quickly, literally in matter of minutes. I can turn it on go & make a cup of tea, & the room will feel warm when I get back”. “Very quickly, its hot in 5 minutes”.

    On the ‘feel’ of the heat:
    “It felt like a warm summer’s day, not like a heater, & was very comfortable”. “Old heaters were more stuffy, this one felt a lot better”. “I can feel the heat all over the room, & it feels like being surrounded by warm water rather than having a heater on”.

    On heat loss:
    “Not a problem”. “The room seemed to stay warm for a long time”.

    On changing anything:
    “No. It looks so much better & takes up much less space than the old heater”. “Not really, I prefer the new heater”.

  5. Hugh Richards

    We are delighted! The panels are so unobtrusive that visitors are surprised when they are pointed out, the Building Control inspector remarked on their efficiency, the electrician has said that he will be installing one or more in his home! We thoroughly recommend Herschel as a company that you can rely on. Hugh Richards

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