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How much energy will I save from having Herschel Infrared heaters installed?


Herschel heaters can deliver energy-savings up to 60% over traditional heating systems.

Providing warmth 24×7 at a fraction of the cost of gas, oil, or other electric heating, infrared warms the fabric of the building – and not the air – which is the key to its energy efficiency.

100% of the electrical energy used by infrared systems is converted into heat. Infrared heaters offer owners an unprecedented level of control over their property’s temperature and energy use.

The amount will depend on each particular house or building and your previous heating solution however it has been proven that a sufficiently insulated building, fitted with infrared panels, can expect significant reductions in energy usage, including:
  • up to 30% reduction on gas central heating systems;
  • up to 50% reduction on oil central heating systems;
  • up to 60% reduction on electrical storage heating.

Check out our comparison to other heating alternatives.


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