The best heating for landlords is infrared

What is the best heating for landlords? Landlords are frequently choosing infrared as the best heating solution for both themselves, in terms of ease of install, maintenance and a lower carbon footprint and also for their tenants for reasons of design, space, comfort and efficiency.

Our latest video testimonial comes from a landlord with a substantial portfolio of both professional and student lettings. With 20 years landlord experience in property and lettings, Chris Honor, Honor Properties, has already installed Herschel Infrared in a number of student properties and had no hesitation in choosing infrared as the heating solution for his latest property development.

The best heating for landlords is infrared

Mr Honor was looking for heating for his redevelopment project of six self-contained apartments in Bristol. As a landlord, he had a number of priorities to consider from a heating solution:

  • Minimise carbon footprint – electric heating presents an attractive solution, over gas, especially when powered by a 100% green energy provider;
  • Simple and cheap install – Herschel infrared heaters offer a very simple solution that can be installed quickly by standard trades and avoids the disruption from electric underfloor heating;
  • Low maintenance – infrared heating is solid state, presenting landlords with a fantastic solution that does not require annual maintenance and avoids the risk of having to revisit the entire installation in ten years time;
  • Cost effective efficient heating – this development of apartments will be run as short-term lets with the landlord paying the heating bills. As infrared heating does not heat the air, and instead directly heats the mass and objects in the room to build up thermal mass, lower wattage is required than with other electric heaters – presenting both landlords, and tenants should they be paying the energy bills, with a lower cost solution;
  • Space-saving heating solution – three out of the six newly-designed apartments were studio apartments and Mr Honor was keen to maximise the living space within each studio. Infrared panels have the benefit of being able to be ceiling mounted, presenting the best heating option where space is a priority.
  • Stylish design – the apartments have been designed to the highest specification and, as a professional landlord, Mr Honor wanted to ensure the heating did not distract from the stylish, minamilistic design throughout. These ultra-slimline panels blend into the interior providing a discreet, non -intrusive solution.
  • Comfort – managing comfort levels for tenants throughout the day and evening is always a priority. Herschel infrared heaters are easily managed using thermostats to maintain comfort levels at all required times, with additional boost options, and the feeling from infrared heaters ensures a cosy, non stuffy warmth.

Herschel infrared heating for landlords

They keep the properties really nice and warm and we’ve been really happy with them”.  Chris Honor, Honor Properties. See the full details of this Herschel install here including the full video testimonial.

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