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Warm Glow Patio Heaters

Giving outdoor areas a warm glow

Herschel Warm Glow Patio Heaters

Economical and effective outdoor heaters – for Sunset and beyond

Herschel’s SUNSET range are perfect for socialising outdoors at home or for commercial areas including bars, restaurants and café terraces. Recommended where instant heat and high power are required but without strong light or intense heat.

California and Colorado feature Herschel’s powerful, long life and energy efficient carbon fibre lamp. This produces a pleasant ambience and warm orange soft glow, with a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours.

With its cutting edge design, the 2.0kw California is re-defining outdoor heating and is the most stylish outdoor heater of its kind. Complete with remote control and available in silver, black and limited edition gold, California is sure to impress.

The Herschel Colorado combines a tasteful and sleek design with a powerful 2.5kw output. Available with or without remote control, Colorado is a versatile heater and is guaranteed to keep you comfortably warm, whatever the weather.

Both heaters offer high weather protection for outdoor installation and can be mounted on a portable stand (available separately).


  • 2 yr Warranty
    2 Sizes

    FROM $359.00

    Key Features:

    • Sunset range, warm glow, ultra-low glare heater
    • 2.5kW high power carbon lamp
    • High weather protection (IP55)
    • 4 power levels & timer on remote model
    • Optional stand for free-standing use
    • Mirror reflectors for optimum efficiency
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    3 Sizes

    FROM $359.00

    Key Features:

    • Designer heater, ultra-low glare
    • Black, silver or rose gold finish
    • Sunset range, warm glow
    • 2kW high power carbon lamp
    • 2 power levels, 24 hour timer, remote control
    • High weather protection (IP65)
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  • 2 yr Warranty
    1 Sizes

    FROM $214.00

    Key Features:

    • Hanging, sunset range warm glow heater
    • Lightweight aluminium, in a black finish
    • Suspend from ceiling / canopy
    • 2kW high performance carbon lamp
    • Long life components, remote on/off control
    • Suitable for domestic & commercial use
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  • 2 Warranty
    1 Sizes

    FROM $162.00

    Key features:

    • Under table, portable, low wattage
    • Free-standing with built-in handle
    • Warm glow, ultra low glare
    • Long life 800 Watt carbon lamp
    • Tip-over and safe touch safety protection


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The Sunset range

Herschel Warm Glow patio heaters

Herschel’s warm glow SUNSET heaters use Carbon bulbs which create the very effective, warming levels of heat you need for patios and some colder indoor locations.

These heaters are perfect for use in locations that either become cold or are subject to draughts or airflow.

These heaters also allow “zoning”, which means you focus the heat just where you need it and don’t have to heat a huge area in order to feel warm.

Herschel’s warm glow space heaters can be used outside, or in conservatories, garages and in many commercial applications including draughtier work areas in workshops. Always follow the installation instructions.

Read our feature on outdoor heating in Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine, April 2019. David Hilton, an expert in sustainable building and energy efficiency, reviews the Herschel California.


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“Not only do the heaters look great but they give off a captivating warming glow which has made our spaces feel cosy and inviting”

We set out to create outdoor spaces that have a real wow factor and the Herschel team really stepped up to help with this.  We have used a combination of Manhattan heaters and Miami heaters to achieve all round heat in stretch tents. Not only do the heaters look great but they give off a captivating warming glow which has made our spaces feel cosy and inviting.

Jamie Atherton, Racks

“Great service, fast efficient delivery, responsive team with great technical understanding of their products”

We’ve installed Herschel Manhattan and Miami infrared heaters at two of our venues, MOMMI restaurant in Clapham and The Rose & Crown Bar in Goldalming respectively. Very happy to recommend both the heaters and Herschel. Great service, fast efficient delivery, responsive team with great technical understanding of their products and advice on our specific installation requirements. Definitely made our outdoor spaces more comfortable for clients. David Hanson, Mint Group.

“Extremely cosy…a fantastic difference to my clientele”

Thanks for the heaters. They look and feel extremely cosy and have made a fantastic difference to my clientele in their warmth and enjoyment outdoors. I have no hesitation in recommending these low glare, powerful Herschel heaters and have already purchased for a second site. Tim, La Poule au Pot.

“Makes it possible to enjoy the outdoor area”

My curiosity in radiant heating technology (as well as the need for heat) has led me to install a Herschel California infrared radiant heater in my barbecue area.  The heat can be targeted on the seating area and even in breezy conditions we are actually very comfortable. The unit makes it possible to enjoy the outdoor area at short notice without needing to light up the chiminea or breaking the bank.

David Hilton, Expert in sustainable building and energy efficiency

“A great addition to our outdoor seating area”

We’ve been thrilled with the support from a whole host of local companies in helping us complete our project – the newly installed Herschel heaters are a great addition to our outdoor seating area helping visitors to enjoy the space in comfort.


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