Herschel Infrared Case Studies Blake Hall: Wedding Venue

Blake Hall: Wedding Venue

Customer brief: To refit the premises with a heating solution that heated the cold barn and did not detract from the surroundings.

Innovative & effective space heating

Blake Hall is a restored 17th century barn for use for weddings. The existing heating consisted of 10 1.5 kW quartz heaters; this was under specified and should have had close to 3 times the amount of heaters to actually heat the area. It was ineffective and only created warmth around the heater with no warming of the building. This resulted in a cold floor which was a significant issue for the venue. The aesthetics of the wedding venue are of primary importance and the heaters were thought to be ugly and the lights presented a problem.

• 12 x IR3 Aspect (1.95 kW) and 2 x IR3 (1.2 kW) were fitted
• Panels mounted at 5m from the ground
• A Controls Salus ST620RF programmable thermostat was fitted
• A complete installation service using our staff and approved electrician was used.


  • The area felt warm with a comfortable temperature consistently maintained
  • Lower consumptions versus other forms of heating for this space
  • Mounted discreetly, up high, with no distracting light
  • Fully programmable
  • Subsequently infrared heating was installed within their accommodation cottages.


“The heaters in the barn are absolutely fantastic. I can not tell you how pleased we are with them. They are working better than we could ever imagine”.


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