Smart heating

Use Herschel heating controls to manage your home or office heating from wherever you are, whichever rooms and schedules you choose, and ensure a warm and cozy space to return to.

Our heating controls offer an app-enabled range of options to ensure you manage optimum comfort levels and maximize energy efficiency.


HERSCHEL iQ controls

iQ Controls can be used for all panel ranges.  Our Inspire range of panels is designed for professional installation only. They do not have any inbuilt receivers and must be controlled with our Herschel iQ controllers. The panels are directly wired to our MD2 hard-wired thermostat. Full App control is available for MD2 using the SmartLife app.

We advise one controller per room to allow room-by-room temperature control. If you have more than one panel in a room, you only need one controller per room. iQ Controls can also be used for the control of space heaters.

Herschel Infrared thermostatic controls diagram
  • 5 yr Warranty
    1 Sizes

    $90.00 ex. Tax


    • 16 Amp wired thermostat
    • 7 x 1 day programmable
    • Open window detection
    • Temp control up to 45℃/113°F
    • Keypad locking feature
    • Optional internet control via SmartLife App
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