We provide our dealers with all the support and knowledge they need and strongly urge customers to seek the advice of their local dealer to ensure the maximum benefit of infrared is achieved.

Business Opportunity

  • Get involved early in the largest revolution to sweep the Comfort Heating market for 60 years: Infrared.
  • Already the fastest-growing heating technology in Europe, Mexico and Australia, we are now receiving a lot of interest from customers in the United States, Canada, India and the Far East.
  • As an accredited dealer we place you on a database of trained Infrared Experts and list you as an accredited dealer on our website.

We will support you like no other manufacturer

  • We are the ONLY manufacturer of Infrared for Comfort Heating that provides comprehensive training for its dealers. This training is always available to you online and continually updated with new knowledge.
  • We have a team of experts available to answer technical questions from our dealer network;
  • We already have a database of client case studies that become available to you to help promote your own sales when you join our network.


Always looking ahead

  • This new technology is demonstrating that every aspect of the traditional heating market can be challenged and re-invented. We continually strive to pioneer new products where we see a market opportunity. Our Inspire Comfort panel series and Summit 2600 space heaters are great examples. As a dealer you get instant access to our new products and our knowledge of how to use them as soon as they are available.