Halo Infrared Heater for Churches and Heritage Buildings
Church heating from Herschel Infrared
Halo Infrared Heater for Churches and Heritage Buildings
Eco heating for churches

Infrared Heaters for Churches

Proven heating solutions for churches & halls

Churches and public halls have unique heating requirements. Older buildings in particular are expensive to heat and legacy heating systems are often costly to maintain.

Our space heating range offers solutions which are relatively inexpensive to install, economical to run, have a long lifetime and are maintenance free.

Our infrared heaters directly heat people and the thermal mass of the building, meaning no energy is wasted heating large volumes of air. Instead, the infrared heat radiates over the required area and is absorbed by people and objects within the zone. By heating in this way it is possible to provide the heat when needed and where it is needed. For example, it is possible to heat the congregation throughout the service but not waste energy heating the church when is it not in use. The same principle applies to town halls which can be heated only when in use with rapid warm up times. Infrared is also good for preserving buildings because it warms the building itself helping to reduce damp levels.

Introducing the Halo Range of zero light infrared heaters for heating heritage buildings, brand new for 2022/23.

With powerful, zero light, far infrared heat emitters the UK manufactured Halo offers historic buildings and places of worship a highly controllable, effective and decorative heating solution that is acceptable to conservation bodies and avoids high installation costs. With low power LED lighting an additional option, the Halo ensures fast warm up times minimising energy consumption to provide 100% CO2 free heating when combined with renewables.

Initial trials of Halo heaters in a UK Church over this winter are showing an 80% reduction in energy used and 63% reduction in the heating bill compared to running the gas heating system. Per Service this equates to a cost of around £17-20 because the heaters only need to be on for the duration of the service. In comparison the gas system would have to run on full for many hours in advance of the service to heat the church and at current prices would be costing up to £100 per service on cold days.

For more information on the Halo heritage range, including video footage of Halo installed in a church, click here.

Halo - Recued Energy Consumption Halo - Zero Light Heat
Herschel Colorado's used to heat the United Church in Herne Bay

Professional Specification Service

Herschel has a team of in-house surveyors who perform estimating services for commercial heating projects.

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Manhattan heating a church

Which Solution - Zero Light or Warm Glow?

All Herschel heaters use the latest technology to provide efficient and comfortable warmth from either zero light heaters or a low glare, non-intrusive solution (unlike the older style quartz heaters that were previously available elsewhere on the market). What is right depends on any limitations or restrictions within the Church building and how the heaters are intended to be run. Considerations include:

  • The intensity of heat required;
  • Speed of warm-up required;
  • Age of church and insulation;
  • Mounting heights for the heaters;
  • Control and operation of the heaters.

The Herschel team or your Herschel installer can provide advice and a tailored specification. A combination of both ranges may be the best option. Both ranges are excellent for preserving old buildings and protecting interiors.

Customer Testimonials

“The best thing for our church”

“The best thing for our church. The old infrared heaters we had were terrible, no more glaring light, no buzzing noise and no more complaining from our elderly congregation of being cold. Really quick heat up times and have saved us a fortune against our old running costs as well as reducing the power we used by 40%. We are now looking at the rest of the areas in our church, after having trialled Herschel in the main rectory. Adam and his team at Herschel have done a brilliant job and should be very proud”.

John Horton, Church Warden, Salisbury Park United Reformed Church,

“Comfortable for the first time”

“Absolutely fantastic! Looks great & I’m comfortable for the first time. The landlord is really impressed too.”

“Absolutely fantastic”.

“The heaters in the barn are absolutely fantastic. I cannot tell you how pleased we are with them. They are working better than we could ever imagine.“

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