Classic car garage

Customer Brief: To research the best garage heaters that will provide a controlled heating solution for garage/storage of classic cars and help protect them from moisture deterioration.

Consistent temperature for classic cars

A collector of classic cars was keen to find a way of keeping his garage at a constant temperature to reduce the likelihood of deterioration to his vehicles. Deterioration, through rust and chrome pitting, can be caused from moisture and dust. Any repair or replacement of parts is expensive and any replacement can make originality a concern for collectors.

• Herschel IR3 Advantage (1.95 kW) were installed;
• The heaters were attached to the beams above each car which also provides an even temperature.


  • Lower energy costs than alternate heating solutions that heat large areas of air
  • Cars keep warmer, as buildings thermal mass (floor/walls/ceiling) and the car itself is heated, so less rust potential; moisture is reduced through Far Infrared unlike convection heating
  • No expensive dust covers required as dust is reduced
  • Reduced humidity and controlled consistent temperature is retained; no other form of heating can achieve these results.

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