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Bullseye! “I think it’s excellent”. Professional darts player, Wayne Mardle, chooses Herschel

When professional darts player, Wayne Mardle,, decided to set up a darts school from his home in St Osyth, near Clacton on Sea in Essex, he created a summer house - or “glorified shed” in his words! Although funky, the timber “darts school” is a timber building and, as…

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Astonishing results from Herschel heaters in drying out flooded property

See details on how effective our far infrared heaters have been in drying out a flood-hit home in Cumbria. Declared dry after 44 days. This compares to predictions of at least 16 weeks, using conventional dehumidifier methods, for similar houses in the area.  

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Is this the most novel use of a Herschel panel to date?

Great story from a happy customer. When twin calves were born by caesarian section & left shivering when their Mum wasn't well enough to cope, the owner raced to get the Herschel far infrared panel from her cottage to warm them up. Warm, happy and fine within the hour. Love…

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