Our iQ Control Solution – wirelss heating controller developed for infrared heating

For smart, flexible room by room control, our brand new wireless heating controller system Herschel iQ is the first to be specially designed for infrared heating and complies with Eco-Design Legislation ready for January 2018. Our Herschel iQ thermostat, the T1, is easy to operate and features full 7 day…

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Recognising the importance of Quality Compliance and Certification

Quality is key to Herschel and we are committed to ensuring the Herschel brand is recognised for its quality products, processes, support and advice. Herschel has the highest quality standards in the industry and all of our heaters are made in accordance to our exacting quality control standards enabling us…

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What next for Solar companies after changes to feed-in tariffs?

The government changes to feed-in tariffs have resulted in significant issues for solar companies.  One opportunity exists for solar companies to extend their offering and offer a broader portfolio of energy efficient products. Heating and lighting are the obvious target areas. See more details here.   …

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Big changes to energy delivery?

Some exciting new developments in energy delivery as Tesla, the American car and technology company, launches its home batteries for energy storage. Named, Powerwall, the Tesla Home Battery will use electricity generated from solar panels, or from the utility grid when rates are low, to store surplus energy. The creation of Powerwall will…

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ESOS – Opportunity for greater efficiency & review of new technologies?

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is an energy assessment and energy saving scheme applicable to large undertakings. For those companies needing to complete an ESOS assessment it's no small task to calculate your total energy consumption and the deadline of 5th December will come round quick. The Government estimates…

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Increasing focus on energy efficiency targets

Good to see lots of discussion taking place on energy efficiency, zero carbon targets and renewables with home energy assessments to make them them warmer and cheaper to heat. Lets hope it can be kept at the forefront, after the election, for the benefit of homeowners.  

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