Latest News Far infrared heating – the perfect choice for schools

Far infrared heating – the perfect choice for schools


Cost-effective, adaptable and consistently comfortable, Herschel Far infrared is the ideal heating solution for the school environment.

The heaters can easily replace existing inefficient systems such as traditional convector heaters often found in schools.   Directly heating people and objects, including the mass of the building which then acts like a giant storage heater.  Heat loss through open doors, windows or poor insulation is greatly reduced and required comfort levels are reached with a lower wattage compared to many conventional heating systems.

Far infrared heating may be zoned and controlled to suit exact heating requirements and the heating usage can be monitored to assess consumption levels.

Simple to install with minimal disruption and zero ongoing maintenance, Herschel is suitable for both retrofit and new build situations and can help in those schools focusing on reducing energy use and carbon emissions.

Herschel far infrared panel heater


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