Customer Service FAQs Infrared heating panel disadvantages

Infrared heating panel disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to infrared heating panels compared with other forms of heating, but these are far outweighed by the many advantages.

The main consideration is that the infrared heating panels must not be obstructed by furniture. Infrared heating panels radiate invisible light (which carries the heat). If they are obstructed, for example by placing a sofa immediately in front of the panel, the heat will be absorbed by the sofa which will prevent it from heating the entire room. Infrared panels perform much better when either ceiling mounted or mounted at picture level on walls.

The other thing to be aware of is the surface temperature. Herschel infrared heating panels have surface temperatures of around 185-212°F. This makes them hot to touch. Care needs to be taken when mounting the heaters to ensure that they are located away from any vulnerable people such as young children and the elderly. Again, mounting at picture height or on the ceiling is preferable. Some suppliers offer low surface temperature heaters calling them Infrared panels – these are NOT genuine infrared heaters (see this FAQ for the correct standards) as they will mostly convect heat and will perform no better than standard electric heaters.